Lacquerlounge Branding

We were approached to brand and launch a high-end subscription-based nail salon in Houston Texas. Two of the owners are husband and wife and run a successful photography business in the area. The vision was to use their dramatic photo style as the central theme for the brand.






Front-end development

The Mark

We worked to have a mark that both communicated Lacquer Lounge’s high-quality nail services and the relaxing atmosphere of a Sunday at the spa. The rounded diamond symbolizes the fiery and captivating Ruby. A stone of nobility, considered the most magnificent of all gems, the queen of stones and the stone of kings. But it also shares a similar shape to a polished fingernail.

Contained within the ruby, is a line-drawing of three water drops forming a lotus shape. The drops to represent all the many choices of colour available and the lotus representing peace and tranquility.

The Lounge

Branding is the main love we have at Deskfire. Building a mark and then shaping it into the real world, via bags, bottles, signage is the greatest feeling for us. Thats why it was such a treat to be surprised with a photo of our logo over their reception desk.