“Game On!”

TrackTik — a security workforce management startup in our home of Montreal, was preparing for a three day offsite. The final destination was a surprise for everyone. We were tasked with branding the event.






Art Direction

The Idea

We were given the theme, “Game On”. Like most offsites, they are meant to be a huge morale booster for a company. And having been to a few ourselves — they really work. The theme is usually something simple, but uplifting. So “Game On” was fitting.

The Execution

We started by moodboarding a few examples of what we thought "Game ON" meant to us. We submitted a sports package and an 80s Arcade/StrangerThings collage. The arcade concept won, hands down. So we started collecting old video game titles to use as inspiration in the concept development stage. Then it was off to sketching our designs that would be used in the outreach mailers to tease the impending party.

The Event

The energy behind the artwork was building up as we approached the days of the event. Someone had even purchased a complete Assassine's Creed costume. If we're being honest. We really wish we could have been there, because it looked like so much fun! We had a blast supplying the design work for this event, and we're looking forward to pushing the next one even further.

If you have an event that you'd like to make it Supremely-kickass — then contact us through the chat widget or our contact page and we'd be happy to help :)